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Kor'ee Jackson (aka KJ Soul) is a classically trained violinist and is also known for being a Soul-Improv violinist from Louisville, KY. He plays the styles of Classical, Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo-Soul. He has received a Bachelor's degree in Music Industry and Recording Arts and a Masters's in Violin Performance studying under Dr. Sila Darville. He is also an educator, as he works as an orchestra director and a teacher throughout Kentucky from Elementary to Collegiate levels. Kor'ee has studied and played violin in Italy and Turkey. He also has performed onstage with Black Violin and other well-known artists. Just recently he dropped his first album "Perfectly Imperfect" on all platforms, and looks forward to continuing to release albums and mixtapes throughout his career.

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Kor'ee started playing violin at the age of 7 at Eisenhower Elementary in Louisville Ky. Not many people knew that he played violin before the age of 19. Growing up playing the violin as a young Black man from the West End of Louisville was not ideal. He hid his talent for the most part, but it was also covered up by his football talents. Kor'ee had many teachers tell him he was a violinist at heart, but football continued to take a prominent role during his teenage years. When he was 16, he finally started to take private lessons. He could not afford these lessons, so he would do volunteer work in exchange. He realized that he was not as good at reading music as he was at hearing it. Kor'ee could play any song by ear, but reading music was a challenge. When he graduated from high school, he went to EKU as a member of the football team and the symphony orchestra; this was tougher than he thought. He realized that he truly did not know the theory behind music, and how to read past the musical staff. He had to take up tutoring during the semester and practice crazy hours until he caught up with his cohort. Kor'ee started off majoring in music education and soon changed to Music Industry and Recording Arts because he enjoys making beats, mixing and mastering, and recording himself and others in his studio. He completed his undergraduate and wanted to focus more on the instrument, so he decided to take up a Master's in Violin Performance. Kor'ee is now pursuing a second Master's degree in Music Education. Kor'ee believes that music is the sound of one's experience and story being told. He utilizes this belief in the music that he creates, improvises, and shares with those around him, which is what shapes his unique, soulful sound. 

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